Florent Fortune

CEMEA Sr SE Manager, Websense


Florent has over 15 years experience in the high-tech arena including expertise in Internet Network & Security, Retail and Enterprise technology and services.

Florent currently holds the position of Senior Manager, Sales Engineering – CEMEA, with responsibly for the field Engineering organization which provides the practical foundation, business and technical experience of pre-sales and post-sales deployment of all Websense product lines.

Prior to joining Websense, Florent held EMEA technical Director position at Nokia for over 5 years.

- Topic Title  :  Effective IT security embraces productivity whilst defending against blended threats.

- Synopsis : It is no longer sufficient to deploy a product that can only solve a single problem. For IT security to be effective, an advanced multi-channel, multi-analytic solution is required to identify and block threats, whilst effectively protecting the organisations data and intellectual property.

Effective IT security embraces the productivity from mobile computing (iPads, iPhones and ‘droids’), social media and the cloud. Please join Florent Fortune discuss Websense approach to cost effective IT security.

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