hyper-resilient cyber

Navigating the Evolving Threat Landscape of the
interconnected world of IT, OT, IoT, IIoT, & Hybrid Cloud



10 - 11 September 2024


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Hilton riyadh hotel & residences
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



hyper-resilient cyber

Navigating the Evolving Threat Landscape of the interconnected world of IT, OT, IoT, IIoT, & Hybrid Cloud

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, “Hyper-Resilient Cyber: Navigating the Evolving Threat Landscape in IT, OT & IoT” explores the pressing challenges and emerging threats that organizations face in securing their Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT), and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems.

MENA ISC 12th edition explores the convergence of IT, OT, and IoT systems, highlighting the increasing interconnectivity and interdependencies that expose critical infrastructure and data to a heightened level of risk. Drawing on real-world case studies and expert insights, the event will paint a vivid picture of the evolving threat landscape and the potential consequences of cyber-attacks.

“Hyper-Resilient Cyber” is an essential resource for cybersecurity professionals, CISOs, IT and OT professionals, policymakers, and anyone interested in safeguarding critical digital infrastructure in an era of ever-evolving cyber threats. MENA ISC 12th edition will give cybersecurity professionals the knowledge and tools needed to stay ahead of the curve and protect their organizations from the rising tide of cyber-attacks.


hyper-resilient cyber

Key areas of focus include:

Interconnected Vulnerabilities:

Investigate the intricacies of how IT, OT, and IoT systems intersect and their inherent vulnerabilities, shedding light on the complex attack surface that cybercriminals exploit.

Emerging Threat Vectors:

Explore the latest techniques and tactics employed by threat actors, from sophisticated nation-state actors to opportunistic hackers, including ransomware attacks, supply chain vulnerabilities, and zero-day exploits.

Future Trends:

Delve into emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and quantum computing, and their potential impact on the future of hyper-resilient cybersecurity.

Risk Mitigation:

Offer practical guidance on risk assessment, threat modeling, and risk management strategies to help organizations proactively identify and address vulnerabilities in their interconnected systems.

Regulatory Compliance:

Discuss the evolving landscape of cybersecurity regulations and standards, including NIST, IEC 62443, GDPR, NCA, Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC), Cloud Cybersecurity Controls (CCC), Telework Cybersecurity Controls (TCC), Critical Systems Cybersecurity Controls (CSCC), Operational Technology Cybersecurity Controls (OTCC), Data Cybersecurity Controls (DCC), SAMA, Organizations’ Social Media Accounts Cybersecurity Controls, and their impact on organizations’ cybersecurity efforts.

Defense Strategies:

Provide a roadmap for developing hyper-resilient cybersecurity strategies that encompass proactive threat detection, incident response, and recovery plans tailored to the unique characteristics of IT, OT, and IoT environments.

covered industries

IT & Telecom


Banking & Finance


Oil & Gas


Real Estate

Energy & Utilities





discussed topics

AI: Towards a Resilient and Efficient Energy Industry

Digital Transformation, IoT & Smart Cities

Quantum Computing

Cyber Resilience, Business Continuity & Crisis Management

VR, Deep Fake, META World Impact on Cyber Security

Data Security & Protection

Cloud Security, 3rd Party Risk Analysis

Managing the Human Risk

Cyber Security GRC & Enterprise Risk Management

Forensics & Cyber Crimes

Zero Day Attacks & Threat Intelligence Sharing

OT Security Protecting People, Assets & Information

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cognitive cyber

The MENA ISC 2023 Conference embarked on a transformative journey under the theme, ‘’Cognitive Cyber: The Evolution From Reactive to Predictive Cyber, Leveraging AI & Emerging Technologies IT, OT & IoT”. 

This remarkable conference took place in person at the luxurious Hilton Riyadh hotel and residences, where we hosted an impressive gathering of over 2,880 delegates.

Our event drew the industry’s foremost experts and brightest minds in the realm of information security. It provided a unique opportunity for conference attendees to delve into the most critical aspects of cybersecurity through firsthand engagement with peers, luminaries, and leading cybersecurity companies. This convergence of knowledge and expertise illuminated the path toward a more secure and proactive approach to cyber threats.