Mr. Ranjit Rajan

Research Director – Middle East, Turkey and Africa

Software IDC

Based at IDC’s regional HQ in Dubai, Rajan spearheads IDC’s software research, advisory and consulting practice in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey region. He has led several bespoke research and consulting projects for leading global ICT firms, and regularly advises senior industry executives on market, product and competitive strategies.
Speech Topic & Synopses
Emerging Information Security Challenges: Strategies for Securing the Enterprise in the New Economic Era

With the global economic environment still looking uncertain, organizations are looking to balance imperatives of growth with the pressure to achieve cost savings. As a result, while striving to step up IT spending they are doing so at a cautiously optimistic pace.

Information security is now being viewed in a more holistic form where it is no longer point solutions to protect specific parts of the organization against IT threats but end-to-end solutions that help protect and sustain data, ensure business continuity and adherence to industry regulatory requirements.

While IT threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication so does the complexity of IT security solutions being deployed across organizations. Decision makers are now faced with the challenge of creating a fine balance between deploying information security solutions across all platforms traditional, virtual/cloud, mobile/on-device and social and making sure that right policies and processes are laid out and enforced. As a result, information security is now gradually emerging as a topic of discussion in the corporate boardroom.

In this session, IDC’s Ranjit Rajan, will discuss evolving information security threats, assess emerging technologies that can mitigate them and put forth best practices and guidance for IT security practioners. As part of his talk, he will present IDC’s most recent research studies on IT security worldwide as well as in the Middle East.