Toralv Dirro

EMEA Security Strategist

McAfee Labs

Toralv Dirro is McAfee Labs EMEA Security Strategist at McAfee. In this role, he is the spokesperson for McAfee Labs and works closely with the research teams.

He deals with the latest threats, their development and cybercrime as well as new security technologies such as McAfee Global Threat Intelligence. He is a frequent speaker on events and conferences.

He started his career with Dr. Solomon’s Software in 1994 and was responsible for the set-up of a research lab in Germany. After the acquisition of Dr. Solomon’s through Network Associates in 1998, Dirro worked in the field of virus research and in other aspects of IT security. Network Associates was renamed as McAfee in 2004. He has held his current position since 2007.

Toralv Dirro was born on September 20 , 1970 and studied computer science at the University of Hamburg where he also worked at VTC (Virus Test Center).

Speech Topic & Synopses
Evolving Threats, Evolving Technology Summary

Evolving Threats, Evolving Technology Summary: The threat landscape is ever evolving and so is the technology to offer protection from the current and likely future threats.

This presentation will provide solid insight into today’s threats, based on McAfee Labs data and observation, and give an overview of what updated and new technologies are available to deal with them.

Some of today’s problems cannot be solved by technology alone, but also needs a change in what and how we protect corporate and government networks to be successful and this will be discussed as well.