Radi El Fassed

Business Marketing Director

Zain Jordan

Information Security – A Taste Of Reality

Dimitrios Petropoulos


Information Technology Security Training & Solutions

How advanced are Advanced Persistent Threats, really?

Kalle Bjorn

Director of Systems Engineering

Middle East – Fortinet

Web Application Security – Web Application DDoS attacks are on the rise

Raed Albuliwi

Vice President


Top Strategies for Detecting & Combating Advanced Persistent Threats

Yasser Alswailem

Cyber Forensics Specialist


Digital Forensics Labs

David Emm

Senior Regional Researcher Global Research & Analysis Team


Targeted attacks: personal or corporate?

Adrian Culley

Global Engineer


In Cyberspace No-One Can Hear You Scream

Selahaddin Karatas

Chief Executive Officer and founder


Authentication 2.0: User Generated Security Bring Your Own Token (BYOT)

Joakim Sundberg

Senior Security Engineer

Sourcefire – Middle East

Agile Security: Visibility, Flexibility and Control, how you fight APT’s