H.E Eng. Basem Al Rousan

Minister of ICT


HE Eng Basem Rousan has a master’s degree in electrical engineering specialty communications from Dallas Southern Methodist University in 1981 and bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and electronics from the University of Ain Shams in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1970.

The Engineer Rousan experience of more than fifteen years working in executive positions in both public and private engineer contacts during which he participated in the development of legislation and public policy, and the most prominent executive positions he has held is done as an administrator CEO of Information Technology and Executive Vice President for more than fifteen years in the largest telecommunications companies in Jordan and the region, as well as his extensive experience in the field of Interconnection.

Eng. Rousan filled many important Functions and most important of which:

•   From  November  2006  -  December  2010  and  Minister  of  Communications  and  Information  Technology.

•   Executive Vice President (General Manager) for Fastlink since 2002 and until the month of November  2006.

•  CEO of information technology in the same company since 1999 until 2002.

•  Director of Engineering at the same company since 1997 until 1999.

•   Communications engineer in the Royal Jordanian Air Force (since 1971) which assume various  positions, most recently director of communications (including retired brigadier general in 1997).

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