Joakim Sundberg

Senior Security Engineer

Sourcefire – Middle East

Joakim Sundberg is the Senior Security Engineer for Sourcefire – Middle East.

Joakim has 13 years of experience from the network security industries where he has held several positions at leading companies. Outside Sourcefire Joakim is very active in the open source community and contribute both with code and ideas on how to build and scale security technologies for the the future.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Agile Security – Visibility, Flexibility & Control, how you fight Advanced Persistent Threats

Sourcefire’s Next-Generation Security Products give you the visibility, flexibility and control you need to fight the Advanced Persistent Threats. You will see products that are using the latest technology to give you the visibility to understand what’s happening on your network and endpoints, the control to stop and minimise the potential damage, at any time.