Kalle Bjorn

Director of Systems Engineering

Middle East – Fortinet

Kalle Bjorn is the Director of Systems Engineering for Middle East with Fortinet, a pioneer and leader in multi-threat security solutions.

He started his career in Helsinki, in Finland with Stonesoft Corp. where he held several positions from 2000 to 2005 including Network Security Specialist in Finland and China, Presales Consultant in Switzerland and the Middle East region.

Bjorn graduated from Kannas High School, Finland, in 1996 and then attended several courses including European Public Law, Municipality Law and Constitutional Law from University of Joensuu at Hartola College. He received a vocational qualification in Business Information Technology, Specialization in IT support at Heinola Institute which he attended from 1998 to 2000.

Bjorn has acquired significant international experience in networking security and has vast knowledge of technical requirements for security products for enterprise customers

Speech Topic & Synopses
Web Application security, Web Application DDOS is on the Rise

Web applications are written for efficient delivery of content, in most cases they are not developed with security in mind.

However they are exposed and open for access to anyone on the Internet. This presentation introduces various type of DoS and DDoS examples which traditional security technologies fail to detect causing significant loss of revenue to the victims. With web application attacks appearing on the news practically on a weekly basis, security measures need to be taken. The presentation also covers methods to identify and stop these attacks.