Michael Peters

Chief Information Security Officer

CrossView, Inc.

Michael D. Peters has been an independent information security consultant, researcher, author, and catalyst with more than 25 years of information technology and business leadership experience. Michael’s previous executive positions include Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Security Officer.

From a credential perspective, Michael holds an Executive Juris Doctorate in Cyberspace Law; a certified MBA in IT Management, BS in IT Security, CISSP, CRISC, CISM, CCE, CMBA, SCSA and is an ISSA Fellow.

In the realm of thought leadership, Michael is the author of “Securing the C Level” and thousands of blogging, tweeting, social media networking and professional network syndication and industry feature publications. He has contributed significantly towards curriculum development for graduate degree information security and privacy program as well as industry certifications.

Also you can take a look at his listing of publications and presentations he has done over the years. It is located here: http://michaelpeters.org/?page_id=336.

Speech Topic & Synopses
The Security Trifecta – Information Security By the Numbers.

Security does not have to be complicated. I have spent my career within information security demystifying what for some is a like understanding a foreign language (or like raising teenagers). The fact of the matter is that by taking three well defined pragmatic steps, we raise the bar and achieve success. Governance Documentation, Technological Enforcement and Vigilant Teamwork working together to promote security.

Join Governor Tom Ridge, America’s first Secretary of Homeland Security, at the 2017 MENA Information Security Conference as he discusses innovative strategies that will enable government and business leaders to realize the promise of the 21st Century by more effectively managing the interconnected risks that are certain to accompany it.