Mohammad S. Alawneh

Enterprise and Data Solutions Manager


Bringing to the table over 10 years of experience in the field of telecommunications, Mohammad Alawneh currently serves as Umniah’s Enterprise and Data Solutions Manager.

Joining the Company in 2004, Alawneh was part of Umniah’s establishing team, where he led the development and roll-out of several key projects such as the launch of the first Wimax network in Jordan, the Pretups system, the Multi-Protocol Label Switch Service (MPLS) and cloud computing services, amongst others.

Prior to assuming his current position as Enterprise and Data Solutions Manager, Alawneh held several notable positions across Umniah’s Sales and Marketing, IT and Operations departments, overseeing and ensuring the smooth-running of daily operations.

Alawneh holds an MBA in Engineering Management from The University of Coventry and a BSC in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jordan.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Umniah Security Solutions in Practice

Telecom operator Umniah provides insights into current security trends in Jordan and shares its experience as a leading provider of security platforms and solutions. The presentation offers a compelling case study based on Umniah’s business model and best practices in the security field.