Selahaddin Karatas

Chief Executive Officer and founder


Mr. Selahaddin Karatas is presently the Chief Executive Officer and founder of SolidPass.

He previously was Head of Product Development at Sonera, the leading telecommunications company in Finland at the time. Selahaddin Karatas rolled out many world firsts at Sonera and helped debut the data driven age in mobile telephony in the late 1990s. Selahaddin Karatas is an expert on cryptology, encryption, communication protocols, satellite transmissions, triangulation, SCADA and embedded systems. He is a regular speaker at many technology and security conferences and is recognized as a technology pioneer. He received his BA in Mathematics and Economics from Wesleyan University in CT, USA.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Authentication 2.0 User Generated Security and Authentication (Bring Your Own Token- BYOT)

Securing the digital perimeter for enterprises has evolved with the enlargement of the digital footprint and the increase in new sophisticated attack vectors. Enterprises can only cope with this increase in threats by moving away from hardware-based to software-based authentication and verification approach.

Bring-your-own-token is the new black of security tokens and it brings tremendous advantages with it including usability, mass deploy ability, eliminating inventory bottlenecks and lower TCO. The presentation will include BYOT examples for VPNs, Microsoft OWA, online and mobile banking.