Abdulkarim Abughali

VP for Sales & Marketing


Abdulkarim Abughali Holds Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the University of Jordan and Master Degree in Business Administration from the American University in London.

Currently working as VP for Sales and Marketing in MIS. Worked for 6 years as Sales Manager for Juniper Networks in Saudi Arabia. Worked for 5 years as PMO consultant in Canada. Worked for 7 as GM for Tihama Computers and Peripherals in Jordan & Yemen. Worked for 4 years as consultant at gtz in Jordan.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Meeting the Challenge of the Cyber Security Challenge in Business

Mr. Abu Ghali will present a system integrators view of the challenges in information security and how MIS has developed its services and capabilities to support businesses from various verticals to meet those challenges. Mr. Abu Ghali will introduce the changes in MIS portfolio which have further strengthened their leading skills to combat the electronic and cyber risks being faced in Saudi Arabia.