Brian Perrins

Channel Sales Manager

Riverbed Technology


Brian Perrins is an IT veteran with over 35 years experience working for many OEMs to include Texas Instruments, Sun Microsystems, Cisco and Riverbed. He was born in London, UK, but has spent the last 15 years living in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates where he has worked all across the MEA region on many IT projects in government, finical, Oil & Gas and Telco sectors. He has also worked extensively in Latin America and Eastern Europe on the application of neural networks and artificial intelligence in security solutions for perimeter defense. He has also set-up and managed the security practice for a major UAE based systems integrator. Educated in UK he has a degree in computer & microwave techniques plus a degree in Marketing and an MBA.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Securing data in motion or static – an integrated approach to DC and branch data

End-to-end security for WAN optimization solutions cannot be compromised. Riverbed enables the protection of data in motion on the WAN and at rest in the Data Center or Branch. The result is no trade-off between security and performance of data availability and to ensure it is secure and not replicated. Riverbed accelerates SSL WAN traffic to deliver LAN-like performance on the WAN. SSL acceleration (not SSL off-load) enables SSL traffic to be decrypted, optimized, and then re-encrypted before moving onto the WAN. Optimizations is bi-directional, ensuring that all traffic is encrypted end-to-end from client to server, to or from branch offices. In the Data Center traditional network defenses; IDS/IPS, firewalls, and AV are critical first measures of defense, but have certain limitations. The need is to defend against advanced persistent threats, internally instigated or credentialed attacks, or zero-day threats. In highly meshed virtualized networks traditional security can introduce performance bottlenecks and points of failure into the very networks they are trying to secure. Riverbed offers a next-generation monitoring platform that provides an omnipresent view of all activity on the network, where a NOC, SOC plus ITOPS, can all address a broad range of security and governance challenges, including targeted malware, APTs, fraud, espionage and forensic audit.