Hussam Al Adili

Country Manager

AccessData for Saudi Arabia


Over 16 years of Experience in the Telecom and IT industries in Saudi Arabia and Gulf. Previously Director of Advanced Services at Cisco Systems, Director of Sales at Juniper Networks and General Manager at Go Telecom (Eithad Atheeb). Recognized by IT and telecom industries as PMP, ITILv3,0, CCIE, JNICS, CPP.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Cyber crime trends challenges and what are the counter measures

• What is computer Forensics?

• What are the steps of computer Forensics?

• What is digital evidence and what type of digital evidence we can look for?

• What are the methods of hiding data and Why do we need computer Forensics in an organization.

• AccessData solutions provides 360 degree view into an organization’s data including cyber security, digital

• investigation, incident response and compliance.