Mr. Avinash Advani

Director – Business Strategy


Avinash has 14 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, of which 8 years have been in Security. Completing degrees in Computer Engineering and Economics at Purdue University in the US, Avinash started his career at Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley as a Software Engineer.

Avinash later moved to Dubai and founded Latitude Systems, a systems integrator that designed and deployed network security solutions into medium-sized enterprises in the UAE. Latitude Systems was later acquired, following which Avinash was brought on-board at Masterkey as the CEO, where he was able to transform the company from a local online real-estate CRM company, into an international SaaS player with customers around the world. Avinash then took on the role of Regional Director for Boole Server in the Middle East & South Asia, where he was intrumental in shaping the brand into becoming synonymous with secure information sharing in the region. In mid-2012, Boole Server’s distributor in the Middle East both then and now, StarLink, recruited Avinash into their Senior Management team as the Director of Business Strategy to apply his vision to StarLink’s entire portfolio. In his current role, Avinash is a thought leader, and has redefined the meaning of “True” Value-Added-Distribution, and helps to carry StarLink’s flag as the Trusted Security Advisor.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Combatting Attacks on Trust with New Cyber Security Defenses and Proactive, Predictive Security Intelligence.

Organizations need to protect themselves against not only external threats but also insider threats. Many of the attackers responsible for cyber-threats take advantage of the trust established by cryptographic keys and digital certificates, and use them to disguise their unauthorized activity, to elevate their privileges and to exfiltrate classified information. At the same time organizations need to make more informed decisions from vast amounts of security data in order to have their security teams working on areas that are most vulnerable. This is critical to prioritize budget and internal resources in the most effective way to eliminate or limit a successful breach. Reduce the time it takes to identify and remediate critical risks. Make truly informed decisions with a complete picture of security posture and associated risk.