Charbel Sarkis

Principal Systems Engineer


Charbel Sarkis is an information technology veteran with over 15 years of experience in the area of Cybersecurity. Mr. Sarkis Focuses on the areas with emerging need for Cybersecurity, helping organizations achieve a better gasp on their Security, Governance and Compliance objectives.

Mr. Sarkis is currently the Principal Systems Engineer for Fortinet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On daily basis, he uses his knowledge to promote better Information Security awareness and practices.

Prior to Fortinet, Mr. Sarkis led the Presales and Delivery teams in one of the most recognizable Information Security systems integrator in Saudi Arabia.      

Mr. Sarkis’ excellent understanding of the Information Security Landscape, and specifically this of the region, has put him in several positions to help the biggest Telcos, Banks and Governments in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia with their Cybersecurity needs.

Mr. Sarkis, holds a Masters’ degree in Computer Networking, and a wide range of certifications in the information Security and Networking space.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Threat Intelligence, The Power of Sharing
It’s Time To Change the Way We Think About Cyber Security.