Motaz Alturayef

Head of Presales Saudi, Egypt and North Africa



Motaz Has Have over 10 years of experience with a broad exposure to many technologies. Started with building Internet Gateways and National MPLS network, with all the major DPSs’ in Saudi Arabia. Was vital part he IPv6 Steering Committee. My Focus was Service Provider internet Security including DNS, Layer 3 Security and DDoS.

In the past 5 years Motaz has been focusing more in enterprise application and data center security. He has great exposure in different enterprise architectures and solutions. Was involved in building the first Internet Exchange in Saudi Arabia. Currently working with F5 Networks as Team Leader KSA and North Africa, Systems Engineering.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Protecting your applications and data in an evolving risk environment
In this presentation we will cover how attackers started to shift their effort to the client to compromise client critical important information.