Rayan Mohtasib

Major Account Manager


Studied Computer Engineering at Arizona State University, Has over 5 years experience Information security, a member of Saudi Council of Engineering. Certified in Information Security and Risk Management from University of Washington. Rayan is working at Fortinet with the financial sector advising on best security practices and PCI compliance.
Speech Topic & Synopses
Fortinet Security Fabric and AI

Cybercriminals are adopting automated and scripted techniques that increase the speed and scale of attacks, while at the same time lowering their costs.

To counter this, enterprises need to increase the costs for attackers trying to compromise their data.

Fortinet’s AI (artificial intelligence) program – powering the Fortinet Security Fabric – is a giant leap in achieving that goal.

In development and machine training for over half a decade, Fortinet AI has continuously evolved to analyze and identify threats with increased speed, volume, and accuracy.

Today, our AI provides proactive threat detection at machine speed and scale which frees our threat analysts to focus on critical threat research, while at the same time helping Fortinet customers flip the economies of a cyberattack in their favor.