Richard Wray

Senior Director, Consultant Engineering & Operations EMEA

Arbor Networks


Richard Wray is a 25+ year veteran of the data networking business. Having been involved in designing and building many state of the art network solutions for both enterprises and large service providers, Richard has now focussed his last 11 years on protecting those networks. Proudly a Guardian of the connected world working for the security business of NETSCOUT.


Experience :

Richard has delivered 10s of seminar presentations before and 1000’s presentations to customers and internal meetings. Richard always rehearses his presentations. There will be no video/audio content.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Threat Intelligence – Highlights from 1H-2018
Based on data from the world renown Arbor Networks Infrastructure Security Report, we will describe the current state, readiness and how well we are prepared for attacks from criminals and nation state actors.