Adenike Cosgrove

Cybersecurity Strategy, International



Adenike Cosgrove is the Cybersecurity Strategist for international markets at Proofpoint, where she drives product marketing strategy across European and Asia Pacific markets. She provides expertise on key regional cybersecurity strategies such as people-centric security, risk management, data privacy, and compliance.

Prior to joining Proofpoint, Ms. Cosgrove was global product marketing lead for Email Fraud Protection at Return Path, a division acquired by Proofpoint in the summer of 2016. Earlier in her career, Ms. Cosgrove worked as a lead EMEA advisor to security and risk professionals for Forrester Research and Canalys, where she developed a deep understanding of CISO challenges, and helped clients with their cybersecurity strategies.

Ms. Cosgrove is a regular speaker at key conferences including the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in the US and Japan, the Fortune Brainstorm conferences, the Evanta CIO Executive Summit, it-sa Germany, ISMS Spain and Hacking Human Nature live. Ms. Cosgrove’s subject matter expertise has also been featured in Business Reporter, Computer Business Review, Computing, Forbes, Intelligent CISO, SC Magazine UK, The Telegraph, GovInfo, and iTWire.

Ms. Cosgrove holds a Masters of Research, Telecommunications from UCL (University College London) and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Engineering from the University of Hull.

Speech Topic & Synopses
An Overdue Shift to People-Centric Security

TOPIC: How to get more information from threat-intel data


The forces of digital transformation are reshaping work and cyber trends at light speed.

As organisations increasingly outsource their data centres and enable remote working, employees are becoming the new perimeter. But do you know when or how your executives are being targeted? Do you know who the most vulnerable people in your organisation are when it comes to cyber risk? Are your Very Attacked People (VAP)s the same as your Very Important People (VIPs) ? And do you know how your at risk users overlap with behavioural vulnerabilities and access privileges?


Today’s threat landscape is fundamentally characterised by social engineering. Attacks increasingly target people, not technology or infrastructure. And the move to cloud is intensifying that trend. Proofpoint can help you gain visibility, derive insight, and apply adaptive controls based on your greatest cybersecurity risk: your people. And not just your people, but the data they have access to and the behaviours that indicate they will or did fall for a modern, social-engineered attack.


This session will explain why the shift to people-centric security is relevant, urgent, and long overdue. We will introduce the new people-based threat intelligence required to prioritise, implement, and evolve your people-centric cybersecurity strategy to cover the entire human attack surface, from detection to response.