Andrew De Lange

Andrew de Lange

Senior Solutions Consultant



Andrew de Lange is a Senior Solutions Consultant for Anomali. Andrew has over 15 years experience in cybersecurity, with the bulk of that time spent in Financial Services and Banking, he is an evangelist for Cyber Threat Intelligence collaboration initiatives and community-driven defence. Andrew is the former Head of Threat Intelligence and Incident Response for Barclays Africa and has dedicated his career to the effective use of data and information to power a Threat Intelligence program within an organizational and community level.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Navigating the Cyber Threat Intelligence Noise

Focus In On Key Steps to Building an Effective CTI Program


We all want better threat intelligence, but it’s not an easy task to build a CTI program and deliver it considering all the moving parts, people, processes, and technology. Sure, you need to gather the data, but how do you separate intel and priorities from the noise? How do you turn this into actionable information that improves the security of your business?

In this insightful webcast, Andrew de Lange of Anomali will discuss:

  • Why understanding security threats is a must-have for today’s enterprises
  • How to overcome challenges and turn data into actionable intelligence
  • The keys to creating an intelligence-driven security culture
  • The relationship between the tools and the people within a mature CTI program


Figure out how to navigate away from the noise and into a program that fits your security team—join the session.