Baldeep Dogra

Product Marketing



Baldeep (Bal) has been in BlackBerry for 16 years, predominantly in a Technology Leadership role. Bal recently made the move to Product Marketing where he is responsible for Industry and Solutions Marketing.

Bal steadily built up a team of technical sales experts over the course of seven years, playing a key part in the restructuring of BlackBerry from being a fully channel focussed business to incorporating a direct model and then helping the pivot from a device-centric business to software & services. Bal also played a key part in the integration of Good Technology; taking the EMEA lead role in the process.

Throughout his career at BlackBerry, Bal has championed a relationship based, customer-first approach to his work which ties in well with his passion for technology and helping customers and partners manage risk through the use of technology. 

Bal holds a Bachelors degree in Physics with Astronomy from UCL, and an MBA from the Open University. He is a keen photographer and astronomer and likes to play Golf when he gets the opportunity.

Speech Topic & Synopses
De-risk your Business through Zero Trust

The new normal has brought with it significant challenges to harmonising the balance between security & productivity and is exposing cracks in digital transformation projects.  Many companies also face an acceleration in their digital transformation projects, brought on by the new normal and the increasing threat landscape. Many solutions in the market today use buzz words and cunning language to try and understand and solve the problem. The only way forward is to harmonise the balance between management and protection of the user base by understanding them as individuals, and catering to their needs regardless of where they are and what type of access they need. By taking a Zero-Trust approach first, BlackBerry has the experience and skills to deliver on this challenge, through the most evolved, secure and capable UEM offering and a market leading UES offering. BlackBerry is continuing to protect customers and be highly productive with the best in security and offering the best in privacy, while allowing the business to stay compliant with regulators and also keeping infrastructure costs low.