Greg Foss

Senior Security Strategist

VMware Carbon Black


Greg Foss is a Senior Security Strategist with VMware Carbon Black where he focuses on large-scale security research, threat intelligence, and strategic product development. In previous roles, Foss led a threat research team, built and ran a global security operations program, consulted in penetration testing, and worked as a Security Analyst for the Federal Government. Foss is a very active member of the Denver information security community who loves to give back and support the industry.

Speech Topic & Synopses
eCrime Evolution

Data theft, remote access trojans, credential stuffing, and much more are nothing new to the threat landscape that we have all become accustomed to. Though adversaries are now expanding upon their core capabilities with more modular and extensive malware, allowing for more diversity in their overall operations and becoming much more brazen as a result. Shifting trade-craft towards more destructive attacks combined with outright extortion and the sale of direct access into corporate networks. These are just a few of the trends that VMware Carbon Black is actively tracking related to the various growing (and lucrative) underground trends. Everything from personal home computers to backdoors and credentials for some of the most prominent companies on the planet are now for sale with stolen account data being leveraged in extensive credential stuffing operations using new and powerful commercial-grade tooling. In this talk, I’ll dig into threat actors’ latest techniques, tips for defending against them, and what to expect as these underground markets continue to evolve.


Takeaways of the session:

– A better understanding of the mindset of a hacker and their motivations. With this information, security leaders can better protect their organizations and employees

– Trends on the Dark Web and new sophisticated attack techniques to be aware of to prevent identity theft, financial loss, and more

– New trends we’re seeing amid the pandemic with the expanded threat landscape that has resulted from a massive move to remote work