Hamzh Koujan

Cyber Security Consultant

Trend Micro


With his long experience in Cyber Security domain, Hamzah continue to deliver his best consultation services in term of strategic designing and implementation of the most complex cyber security setups following the industries’ best practices. He has 10+ years of extensive experience in designing, implementing and managing complex infrastructure’s security setups. During his career, he had the chance to work with many of the best cyber security providers in the world. Hamzah is working now with Trend Micro as Cyber Security Consultant.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Integrating Security Into the IT/OT Strategy in the New Converged Environment

With the proliferation of IoT and IIoT devices and technologies in the commercial and industrial sectors, we are starting to see the convergence of the traditional information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments. The former involves the applications used to conduct daily business through collaboration and digital information exchange, while the latter includes those used in manufacturing, retail, distribution, and utilities and energy operational processes. Their convergence has led to an integrated environment that allows for improved collaboration, productivity and profitability. At the same time, though, it has exposed organizations’ IT and OT to more security threats and challenges.

An unwelcome effect of IT/OT convergence is the expansion of the attack surfaces and threat vectors across the organization. This provides more opportunities for hackers, malware authors and criminal groups to take advantage of. Cybersecurity controls are required to protect against these threats, but some industries have challenges regarding these controls. Attacks still target smart factories and critical infrastructure facilities, Where numerous devices that have limitations to internet connectivity and the ability to install security solutions. Providing security solutions for these types of devices requires an innovative approach. Trend Micro addresses the growing demand for security in the OT sector. Covering the IT/OT layers, providing active, immediate, and easy to build solutions to protect this new converged environment.