Hany Nasr George

Cyber Security Expert



Hany’s job is to bridge the gap between customers’ business requirements and the technical capabilities of Mimecast. His hands-on approach – from the meeting room to onboarding – also helps a seamless transition from prior systems to new ones, without compromising security and continuity.  

A passion for technology has seen Hany George go from a humble computer technician to one of Mimecast’s pre-eminent cyber experts. Before his position at Mimecast, Hany worked as a Computer Engineer and, later, a Senior IT Consultant specialising in Microsoft products like Exchange. Following that, Hany served as an IT Manager at one of Dubai’s largest security companies, Dnata. There, he honed his technical expertise, consolidating the email infrastructure of 37 countries and 70,000 users. A desire to grow beyond his technical expertise attracted Hany to Mimecast, where he could put his interpersonal skills to the test, to help bring technology, people and processes together.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Beyond the Perimeter, The Need for Pervasive Email Security

Email is at the intersection of a massive amount of risk. It is the number-one application that organizations depend on for communications. Unfortunately, it is also the number-one attack vector used by cybercriminals. Despite significant investments in security defenses, attackers and fraudsters continue to infiltrate organizations through targeted and advanced techniques.

Changes in the threat landscape require that the strategy must extend beyond traditional perimeter-orientated defense to one that is multi-zoned and integrated with a company’s overall security systems.


In this workshop, you can learn how you can you can you achieve a new and complete form of protection against email attacks, by advancing from perimeter email security to a comprehensive, more pervasive discipline.