Marko Kirschner

Snr Director, Solution Architecture EMEA/APAC



Marko joined Armis as one of the first employees to help establish Armis in Europe in 2019. He is a passionate technology enthusiast with a knack for startup work and cultures that come along with them – enjoying the hustle and excitement of getting things done. Prior to joining Armis, Marko worked for early startups such as FireEye and Tanium in Europe and several other security focused companies across multiple international locations.

Speech Topic & Synopses
How to improve infrastructure resilience

The exponential increase in connected devices in networks provides an ever-expanding attack surface for malicious actors to exploit in order to disrupt production, impact patient care, or inflict financial loss. What is the best way to keep your organization safe from these attacks?

Join our session to learn:

  • How to identify, classify and protect devices that can’t be protected by traditional systems
  • Challenges associated with traditional security systems and methods
  • How Armis can help achieve resilience