Parthi Sankar

Lead Anomali Solutions Engineer, UK



Parthi Sankar is a career-orientated intelligence professional with 12 years experience with cybersecurity solutions and teams. His core skills involve designing, showcasing and advocating monitoring and threat intelligence solutions globally. For Anomali, Parthi has been promoting the value of a Threat Intelligence Platform and articulating the benefits of Automation, Requirements Gathering, Producing Intelligence and Collaboration. Parthi is passionate about cyber security and believes threat intelligence sharing is as important as threat intelligence consumption to help close the threat intelligence gap.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Mature Your Defences with a Threat Intel Platform

What Are the Keys to Taking Your Team to the Next Level of CTI Maturity?


CTI programs are more common and established so understanding and improving their effectiveness will become more critical.


Parthi Sankar, Lead Solutions Engineer at Anomali, discusses key takeaways from the SANS 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey. These include:


  • How Collaboration is Becoming the New Norm
  • Using Automation Layers to Drive Efficiency
  • How Data and Tools Change as CTI Teams Evolve
  • Documenting Requirements Is a Sign of a Mature Team
  • Producing Intelligence as Well as Consuming Intelligence—Next Level CTI


Parthi will demonstrate how these points are tackled using the Anomali Threat Platform. Join the session to learn how you can advance your team’s skills.