Paul ‘PJ’ Norris

Sales System Engineer



Paul “PJ” Norris has over 28 years of IT experience and 15 years working in the information security industry. In 2015, he joined Tripwire as a Senior Systems Engineer, providing pre-sales support to the UK & EMEA region across multiple industry verticals and international markets. Paul’s security expertise spans across the fields of e-discovery, forensics, policy and compliance. He regularly contributes to Tripwire’s blog, The State of Security.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Securing cloud environments, staying on top of cloud configurations to prevent data leaks and inadvertent exposure

As organizations expand further into the cloud, there continues to be an influx of simple mistakes, such as misconfigurations, that can expose organizations to significant security, privacy and regulatory risks. Security teams are stretched, but must stay on top of expanding cloud use and ensure proper security controls are implemented in these environments and maintain compliance over time. To understand just how well security professionals are implementing industry best practices for cloud security, Tripwire has conducted some detailed research and will share these findings and actionable recommendations for securing the cloud. 

The session will cover:

  • Current trends on growing cloud usage and security risks involved
  • Organizations’ biggest concerns when it comes to cloud security
  • What steps organizations are taking to secure their cloud environments and where they are having the most challenges
  • Recommendations on best practices and technologies available  to assist with maintaining security and compliance for the cloud