Raafat Kastoun

Cyber Security Expert



Raafat Kastoun is a Cyber Security Expert at Mimecast with more than 15 years of experience in the Middle East region. Raafat’s extensive technical knowledge is one reason he’s prospered as a Cyber Security Expert, quickly addressing pain points and achieving an ROI. 

Having previously served in various cybersecurity roles for vendors and systems integrators, he has a deep knowledge iof security features and architecture and thorough understanding of tools, technologies and best practices.

Raafat is a CISSP and an expert in Network, Cloud, Application and Email Security which helps him understand customers’ core needs and provide appropriate solutions to address their pain points.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Beyond the Perimeter, The Need for Pervasive Email Security

Email is at the intersection of a massive amount of risk. It is the number-one application that organizations depend on for communications. Unfortunately, it is also the number-one attack vector used by cybercriminals. Despite significant investments in security defenses, attackers and fraudsters continue to infiltrate organizations through targeted and advanced techniques.

Changes in the threat landscape require that the strategy must extend beyond traditional perimeter-orientated defense to one that is multi-zoned and integrated with a company’s overall security systems.


In this workshop, you can learn how you can you can you achieve a new and complete form of protection against email attacks, by advancing from perimeter email security to a comprehensive, more pervasive discipline.