Rajiv Raghunarayan

SVP, Products & Marketing



Rajiv serves as the Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing at Cyberinc and is responsible for product strategy, technology alliances and global marketing. Prior to Cyberinc, his held various leadership, engineering, and marketing positions at companies such as Cisco, FireEye, and SentinelOne. Rajiv has over two decades of experience in the areas of web & email security, endpoint security, network security, and WAN optimization.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Does my browser need a stunt double?

The world’s a different place today than even 6 months ago. Remote working is an accepted normal, cloud applications are front-and-center irrespective of the industry, and the browser is the defacto endpoint for many applications and users. But threats continue unabated, even though it’s nearly 50 years since the first malware was written in 1971. Safeguarding against the ever-changing threats requires rethinking our approach to end user security. It cannot be a traditional security vs. productivity battle, nor can it require a massive team that we don’t have. Security must be an enabler, has to be scalable, and needs to be simpler.


In this presentation, we will learn about:


  • The evolving nature of threats and why we still struggle to overcome them? 
  • The changing role of the browser in the new world
  • Browser isolation – what is it? do I need it? how does it work?
  • Where can I start?