Rami Gherbal

Sr. Sales Engineer

Exabeam - Middle East

  • Data Enthusiast, With a Pinch of Cyber
  • Currently Leading Technical efforts at Exabeam in the Middle East
  • 10 years in the Cyber Security industry
  • Cyber Defense Focus since 2014


–Worked with a number of SIEM industry leader vendors

–Helped building multiple Cyber Defense Centers in GCC


Experience in:


–Financial Sector


–State Security/Defense

–Private Sector

–Higher Education

Speech Topic & Synopses
How Exabeam can help deliver the promise of your SOC with Machine Learning and Automation

SOC is becoming an increasingly essential function to any organization, however the proportion of manual efforts required to operate a SOC are draining our understaffed teams and making their mission more difficult to achieve by the day, especially when facing unknown threats.

This session will show a live demo and dive deeper into Exabeam’s Analytics platform, which is built to supercharge your team with the power of Machine Learning and automation, therefore increasing their efficiency in all SOC functions from Detection, to Investigation and Response.