Rami Gherbal

Sr. Sales Engineer

Exabeam - Middle East

  • Data Enthusiast, With a Pinch of Cyber
  • Currently Leading Technical efforts at Exabeam in the Middle East
  • 10 years in the Cyber Security industry
  • Cyber Defense Focus since 2014


–Worked with a number of SIEM industry leader vendors

–Helped building multiple Cyber Defense Centers in GCC


Experience in:


–Financial Sector


–State Security/Defense

–Private Sector

–Higher Education

Speech Topic & Synopses
The Future of Security Operations with Machine Learning and Analytics

In an era where Security Teams have to keep up with the constantly changing dynamics of both the workplace and the threat landscape, the adoption of modern technologies in daily operations is vital to stretch the efficiency of our teams.

Join Exabeam in this session to understand how Machine Learning and Analytics will transform and simplify Security Operations the same way they have reshaped our lives with social media and online services.