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Samir Omar

Chief Executive Officer



Samir possesses over 25 years of experience with a Master of Science in Telecommunication is recognized as one of North Americas thought leaders in cybersecurity and enterprise data management. He has consistently delivered enterprise solutions with cybersecurity focus and disaster recovery solutions for complex U.S. Civilian government agencies missions ranging from Bioinformatics to fighting infectious diseases to protecting government employee data. Samir’s experience as a hybrid business and technology executive advisor working with CIO, CISO, CTO’s. aligning with the agency mission and requirements to build enterprise hybrid cloud as a tool to help business and government agencies achieve mission goals.

Samir brings to MENA his desire to help clients meet the new world challenges of the “internet of everything” and explosion of data. In a Software Defined world where the “User” is king and the mobile device the crown expectations have never been higher for IT. The world has changed it’s all about Data Management, Mobility and cloud. It’s an APP world where demands of IT are on-demand, online all the time.

Samir excels at leading innovative cyber security initiatives. His accomplishments span from modernizing less secure legacy static infrastructure into secure virtualized Hybrid Cloud solutions. Samir brings his experience working with the United States civilian government agencies under tight regulatory oversight to build data centric cyber security solutions with and secure hybrid cloud focus. At the core, Samir is a skilled security architect that will leverage his experience with strategic enterprise deployments, end to end continuous security and monitoring architectures to advise some of the leading Middle East clients on their cyber security transformation aspirations.

Samir’s expertise transcends technical solutions to aligning business needs resulting in continued commitment to customer success and resiliency. Samir has architected cybersecurity solutions into complex ecosystems that can utilize data classification in combination with Incident Response, User Behaviour Analytics, Insider Threat, and SIEM solutions. His vast experience spans many disciples through his prior experience at VeriSign, NetApp, Red Hat, Varonis. Solutions mythologies in DevOps, SecOps, NetOps, IaaS and PaaS are also areas of his strength. Samir partnered with his client the National Centre for Bioinformatics to build the world’s largest genome repository.

Samir has helped U.S Public Sector Federal customers with focus areas around Healthcare. Some past successful clients include The Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Admiration, National Institute of Health, National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, Department of Commerce, Department of Veterans Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency to name a few meeting mission objectives. He has also helped building cybersecurity solution along data protection for top Federal system integrators like Generally Dynamics, Booze Allen Hamilton and Leidos working with leading cyber security subject matter experts.

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