Sanara Marsh

Senior Technical Marketing Manager

VMware Carbon Black


Working at VMware Carbon Black for the past four years as Solutions Engineer, Sanara Marsh has worked with organizations of  all sizes offering her an inside look and understanding of a variety of organizational challenges. Sanara believes that cybersecurity has evolved to play a role in all areas of business and is working to help enable novice users to take advantage of the learning opportunities available in the cybersecurity industry. Taking a creative approach, Sanara focuses on identifying risk and understanding how to reduce the attack surface to better protect organizations.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Security is a Team Sport – Engaging your organization in a work from home world

Today, security is a concern and the responsibility of every employee in an organization, it’s no longer left to just  the security and IT team. Every employee in an organization needs to be better trained about how cybersecurity directly impacts their role.  Generic security webinars or onboarding training of the past are no longer sufficient to address the growing threat landscape and risks businesses face today. Based on the new hybrid workforce – in and out of the office amid the pandemic – we need to be agile and adapt to changing environments so we’re ready for the next type of normal. With leading tech companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook allowing remote work indefinitely, we’re going to see more flexibility in the workplace, and with that comes unprecedented threats and risks and the heightened need for security. Security can no longer be an afterthought. The pandemic has accelerated the need for security to be a team sport, across the organization with ongoing trainings as a part of career development, and that is likely here to stay.


3 takeaways attendees will get from this session:


  • Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to make security a team sport in the workplace
  • They’ll receive actionable tips on ways to reimagine information security and how it’s delivered to employees in the form or applicable training and real-life scenarios
  • Attendees will be prepared to re-engage employees in their organization around cybersecurity (tips include webinar training on securing personal email, catered training to each department/role, ways to secure the WFH office setup)