Tim Bobak

Sales Director UK & MEA



Tim has worked investigating cybercrime and fraud since 2012. Currently, he leads the Regional Development team for UK, Middle East and Africa at Group-IB. Working with the forensic lab and analyst team to provide incident response, threat intelligence and protect organisations from Nation State and Cyber Criminal threats.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Leaving sandboxes behind: the rise of Malware Detonation Platforms

There is no limit to how far threat actors will go to bypass classic networked sandboxes. Hackers are constantly inventing new tools and technologies that teach their malware to avoid detection in virtual environments.

Group-IB experts have been analyzing the tools and infrastructure of cybercriminals for over 17 years. With each new cyberattack on a company, political party, or critical infrastructure, we get an opportunity to see how criminals’ methods have evolved. For such analyses, Group-IB uses its own Malware Detonation Platform product.

During the session we will answer the following questions:

  • What is the difference between the Group-IB Malware Detonation Platform and a typical sandbox?
  • How can you stay 2 steps ahead of intruders?
  • What does a malware analysis report contain?