Zaid Al Omari

Cyber Security Solutions Engineer – MEI

Beyond Trust


Following our speaker session by Morey Haber on 10 key steps to achieving Universal Privilege Management, Zaid Al-Omari will drive you through our UPM platform for privilege access and session management. A first part of his session will cover a brief presentation of our solutions as well as their architecture.

Most of this session will then consist in a comprehensive technical demo of these integrated solutions, aiming at securing every user, session, and asset across organizations’ IT environments: Privileged Password Management, Endpoint Privilege Management and Secure Remote Access.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Demo of BeyondTrust’s Universal Privilege Management platform: securing every user, session, and asset across IT environments

Zaid Al Omari is a Cyber Security Solutions Engineer – MEI at BeyondTrust. He joined BeyondTrust after working as technical consultant and solution engineer for 5 years with Hewlett Packard and 3 years with a distributor as senior pre-sales in Saudi Arabia. Zaid holds a master degree in Computer Engineering from Jordan and he has some publications in IEEE.
With more than 10 years of experience in IT and information security holding a CISSP certification, Zaid has an experience in designing, implementing and integrating multiple security solutions like vulnerability management, endpoint security, privilege access management and other technologies.