Adam Philpott

Adam Philpott

Senior Vice President, EMEA Sales


company overview

McAfee is one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies. Inspired by the power of working together, McAfee creates business and consumer solutions that make the world a safer place. By building solutions that work with other companies’ products, McAfee helps businesses orchestrate cyber environments that are truly integrated, where protection, detection and correction of threats happen simultaneously and collaboratively. By protecting consumers across all their devices, McAfee secures their digital lifestyle at home and away. By working with other security players, McAfee is leading the effort to unite against cybercriminals for the benefit of all.


Following a decade in the Cyber Security industry, Adam joined McAfee in 2017 to help customers address the increasing complexity in the cyber domain and accelerate their digital business goals by reducing the cyber risks to which they are exposed.

In his role as Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales, Adam is responsible for the theatre-wide sales strategy and performance, showcasing our market leading corporate products portfolio whilst growing and motivating a world-class sales organisation.

With the cloud truly revolutionizing the digital age, our customers infrastructure is shifting and evolving to become more cloud centric. As a result, Adam is laser focused on driving McAfee’s vision to partner with our customers as they navigate, de-risk and accelerate their digital transformation, reaping the benefits of a new cloud era.

With the McAfee pledge and values at the heart, Adam is a true advocate of protecting the safety of our families, communities and our nations, both now and for the future.

Driving this important company focus, Adam sits on the London Council and is an active member of the Confederation of the British Industry (CBI), working with a network of businesses to create opportunities, build, innovate and cultivate a better future for the next generation. In addition, Adam is championing our McAfee programme of Online Safety for Kids (OSK), educating and inspiring children at every age, teaching them about the importance of cyber security, cyber safety and cyber ethics.

As a thought leader within the security community, Adam is active in promoting Security information sharing through social media, press, blogs and events.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Securely Enabling the New Workplace

Companies that used to have perhaps 10,000 staff across 50 offices found themselves with 10,000 offices almost overnight – creating challenges for departments from HR to finance to (inevitably) security. And the security teams were further challenged with an incredibly rapid increase in COVID-related phishing scams and the speed with which adversaries, new and old, adapted their approaches to benefit from the potentially insecure access corporate employees had into their office networks. Further we saw companies and employees alike rapidly innovating and adopting new collaboration tools, some sanctioned, some not. And all of this generated an urgency for transformation the like of which few of us had ever witnessed before – deploying new technologies for network access, rolling out tools like Microsoft Teams or Zoom video conferencing, enabling employees to access corporate applications from personal devices or across unsecure internet connections (or both). Almost 12 months later it’s all starting to feel much more like a new normal. It’s settled down a lot and the technologies appear to be working well. But whilst we all take time to breathe and relax, it’s critical that businesses examine these new environments and ask a key question: We know we addressed the crisis, but did we do it the right way? In other words, if we had our time again and had the opportunity to plan it all properly would we end up where we are? Have we got an environment that just about does the job or is it optimal? And are we ready for what comes next? Did we fix the problem just for that one moment in time or did we also ensure that we’re ready for what comes next? Learn more on the session “Securely Enabling the New Workplace” from Adam Philpott, SVP, EMEA McAfee