Ahmed Faragallah

Ahmed Faragallah

Systems Engineer

Trend Micro - KSA


Ahmed Faragallah has been working in the IT and cyber security field for more than 4 years. He has a proven record in developing relationships with business partners and strategical industry leads.

He is holding the role of Systems Engineer where he focuses on establishing professional, consultative, and supportive relationships with Trend Micro customers and partners through multiple countries like Egypt, Morocco, UAE, and KSA.

Speech Topic & Synopses
How To Make the SOC Life Easier!

As a SOC or IT Security professional, visibility across multiple attack vectors is critical. Being able to collect and analyze diverse data quickly makes all the difference in your ability to understand, mitigate and respond to risks.

The XDR capabilities of the Trend Micro Vision One platform are about extending the scope of visibility, detection and response across endpoint, email, networks, servers and cloud workloads allowing you to see more and respond faster.