Ali Vonk

Ali Vonk

Head of Cyber Intelligence


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Silensec is an international Information Security Management, Training and Technology Company headquartered in Cyprus and with offices in England, Kenya, Canada, USA. Established in England in 2006, Silensec specializes in the design, development and delivery of products and services in the domains of IT Governance, Security Audits and Assessments, Value-Added System Integration, Managed Security with a 24×7 SOC, and Security Training. Silensec is ISO 27001-certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

CYBER RANGES is a wholly owned subsidiary of Silensec for the development and operation of ISO 27001-certified cyber range platforms and services. Previously known as Silensec Cyber Range, CYBER RANGES is a next-generation military-grade full-content-lifecycle cyber range for the development of cyber capabilities and the assessment of competencies and organizational cyber resilience. Among the very first solutions to be based on cloud technology, to achieve high-level automation, orchestration and scalability for the delivery of even complex large-audience cyber drills and deep-dive exercises, including the realistic simulation of cyberattacks through its proprietary Injector Engine technology, CYBER RANGES is available as a subscription-based or managed service, as On-Premise and Portable deployment options.

Since 2014 Silensec has collaborated with the United Nations’ ITU agency for the development and delivery of regional and international cyber drills. In 2018 the ITU entered into a formal agreement with Silensec about the regular use of CYBER RANGES, see:

CYBER RANGES powers the international CyberStars initiative ( run in collaboration with national focal points and regulatory authorities from around the world. CyberStars provides a turnkey project package for participating countries to organize national cybersecurity competitions and to participate in international ones, while at the same time meeting the objectives of national cybersecurity strategies.

Silensec actively participates as a key member organisation in the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), where Dr. Al Graziano CEO is the co-chair of the Working Group on Education, Training, Awareness and Cyber Ranges. Silensec also leads the sub-working group 5.1 on Cyber Range Environments and Technical Exercises, and the sub-working group 5.2 on Education and Professional Training, advancing best practices in the domain of cyber ranges, cyber exercises, cyber security professional training and competency development at European level. Silensec is also a Premium Partner of the Global Cyber Alliance in its worldwide mission to sustain a trustworthy Internet by reducing cyber risk.

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Ali Vonk has gained over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and threat-hunting, ranging from hunting threat actors to working with authorities in the UK and providing intel to GCHQ.

He has worked across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Scandinavia providing security consultancy services to private and government organizations.

Ali’s main focus regarding Threat Intelligence has been in such sectors as Finance, Telco, Oil & Gas (Energy) and Healthcare where he has provided training and services to organizations like Nasdaq, Tele2, KPN and Shell.

In recent years he has contributed to cybersecurity awareness-raising through writing and co-authoring articles with other threat intelligence researchers. In 2016 he created a Security Awareness 101 course shared with organizations across Europe, the Middle East and Scandinavia.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Using next-generation cyber ranges and attack simulation to improve security detection and response capabilities for organizational cyber resilience

Traditional security training focuses on skills development so that security professionals can gain an understanding of cybersecurity threats and master the use of specific tools and technologies to address those threats.

However, there is no substitute for experience: it is only when we face a real challenge and are tasked to work under pressure and to communicate with others that we develop the true skills and abilities that are sought for in the workplace. Next-generation cyber ranges provide the unique opportunity for security professionals to experience authentic cyber security challenges in a safe and controlled environment.

In this presentation Mr. Vonk will demonstrate the use of the next-generation cyber range platform CYBER RANGES by Silensec to deliver authentic simulations of advanced cyberattacks, to improve the detection and response capabilities of an organization’s security team.