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Chris Martin

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VMRay is focused on a single mission: to help enterprises protect themselves against the growing global malware threat. The company’s automated malware analysis and detection solutions help enterprises around the world minimize business risk, protect their valuable data and safeguard their brand.

VMRay’s founders, Dr. Carsten Willems and Dr. Ralf Hund, were early pioneers in malware sandboxing, developing breakthrough technologies that continue to lead the industry. They founded VMRay to transform their academic research into practical solutions for making the online world a safer place.

Today, VMRay offers most comprehensive and accurate solution for automated analysis and detection of advanced threats. Combining reputation and static analysis with groundbreaking sandbox technology, the VMRay Platform delivers unparalleled evasion resistance, noise-free reporting, and massive scalability. It empowers security team to handle the growing volume and diversity of threats with far greater speed and precision.

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Speech Topic & Synopses
See Threats That Others Miss – Best-Practices on Advanced Malware Detection

Although every organization is by now aware of the dangers posed by advanced malware, many of them still rely on security concepts that can no longer protect them from these dangers. Granted, almost every organization has security solutions in place that offer protection against malware, but it will be detection based on static methods like signatures, heuristics or file reputation. Very efficient against malware that is already known, but unable to detect previously unknow, advanced threats.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why effective malware protection needs to evolve beyond traditional security solutions
  • How to close the gaps left by the existing security environment
  • How to strengthen cyber resilience while protecting existing security investments