David Meltzer

Dave Meltzer

Chief Technology officer



Dave Meltzer joined Tripwire in 2013 after serving as CTO at Sonicity, Cambia Security and nCircle. Today, he’s responsible for driving Tripwire’s product strategy. Dave’s commitment to excellence doesn’t end at work, as he spends more time reconfiguring his home theater setup than actually using it. The first tech that inspired him was a 1979 Hayes Micromodem II, which connected his PC to hundreds of people online—quite a crowd in the early days of the internet.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Case Studies in Integrity: Why Small Changes keep Causing Big Breaches, and How to Stop it
  • Case Studies in how Integrity is being Managed in Security Programs from Leading Companies in Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Energy Sectors around the World
  • Attributes of Effective Integrity Assurance Programs
  • How to Evaluate the Maturity of your Existing Program
  • How to get Started with a New Integrity Program, or Take your Current One to the Next Level of Maturity
  • The Benefits for Security, IT operations, and Compliance from running an effective integrity program