Dr. Sanjana Mehta

Dr. Sanjana Mehta

Head of Market Research and Public Policy EMEA


company overview

(ISC)² is an international nonprofit membership association focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Best known for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification, (ISC)² offers a portfolio of credentials that are part of a holistic, pragmatic approach to security. Our membership, more than 160,000 strong, is made up of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry.


Sanjana Mehta is a market and customer insight leader with over 15 years of international research experience in education, health and IT sectors. She has led several projects to understand the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

While working as the Regional Programme Manager for The Global Fund, Sanjana introduced technological solutions to increase the reach of medical support and developed knowledge management systems for social care agencies across India. She has also led on GDPR compliance and is familiar with the tensions across Marketing, IT and Legal in achieving GDPR objectives.

In her current role as Head of Market Research and Public Policy at (ISC)² EMEA, Sanjana is responsible for building a strategic understanding of customer needs and market trends in IT and cybersecurity across the EMEA region. She also contributes to thought leadership on topical cybersecurity issues, including skills development.

She is interested in cognitive psychology, especially higher order thinking skills such as problem-solving, reasoning and metacognition. Sanjana was awarded the Bill Gates Scholarship (from the Gates Cambridge Trust) to study for an MPhil and PhD in Psychology and Education at the University of Cambridge.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Understanding the Cybersecurity Workforce

Globally the cybersecurity sector has millions of professionals working to keep us safe and secure. But who are these people? Do we have enough of them? Is the cybersecurity community as progressive and diverse as other sectors? What are the challenges and concerns of those working in cybersecurity and those looking to begin or progress a career in the space?

Using findings from (ISC)2’s exclusive research studies, we will examine the composition of the cybersecurity workforce, what motivates and concerns them, how they have handled the last year of unprecedented change and look at which members of an organisation actually have responsibility for cybersecurity. We will also identify where the challenges are in creating a more diverse and balanced community of practitioners, as well as look at those pursuing a cybersecurity career to understand what they are looking for from employers, training, career progression and what their future expectations are for the sector.