Jamie Moles

Jamie Moles

Senior Security Engineer


company overview
ExtraHop, the leader in cloud-native network detection and response, is on a mission to arm security teams to stop breaches. Our Reveal(x) 360 platform combines the power of cloud intelligence with the simplicity of SaaS to help security teams eliminate blind spots and detect threats other tools miss. Built on cloud-scale AI, Reveal(x) 360 decrypts and analyzes all network and cloud traffic in real time to expose risks, from internal threats to external attacks. Bad actors can’t hide on the network, but ExtraHop can, giving security teams a secret weapon to stop breaches84% faster.

Jamie has worked in the Computer Industry for over 30 years, focused primarily on Security and Infrastructure technologies.  In the early 1990s Jamie was one of the UK’s leading experts on Computer Viruses – authoring his own Virus Scanner for MSDOS before joining Symantec as technical support lead for the new Peter Norton range of products, including the new Norton AntiVirus product. Nowadays Jamie is helping customers understand and mitigate the risk contemporary threats pose to their business.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Navigating Enterprise Security in a Post-Compromise Reality

Every organization gets compromised – it’s how you fast you detect and respond to an incident that counts. This is especially important when you look at trends like the overnight move to remote work, the rise in encrypted traffic and acceleration of cloud adoption, as well as the proliferation of enterprise IoT that have expanded the attack surface and complicated the job of security professionals. We’ll explore those trends and the opportunity that lay ahead for security teams post-compromise to prevent an event that results in an outage or an incident from becoming a full-scale data breach.