Luis Paulo Teixeira Ferreira

Luis Paulo Teixeira Ferreira

Sales Engineer



Luis Ferreira is a Sales Engineer at Splunk, supporting the Middle East region with a focus on strategic accounts in Saudi Arabia. With many years of diverse experience in cyber security advisory, and having been involved in various client-facing roles from heterogeneous industries (covering IT and OT). Being enthusiastic about cyber in general, his recent interest is related to how organizations can leverage data and automation to enhance the current state-of-the-art of Security Operations, employing advanced detection & response mechanisms against emerging and increasingly complex cyber threats.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Rethinking CyberSecurity in an IT/OT Convergence Era

Organizations are at various stages of their digital transformation, and, throughout that journey, the movement of data and workloads between Information and Operational Technologies (IT and OT, respectively) is ever increasing, due to the convergence of these 2 domains and the fact that the 5G ubiquitousness is reshaping them. This trend is further expanding the attack surface of these organizations and opening the door for heightened security risks. This session will give an insightful perspective on how, by leveraging the right converged data analytics platform, organizations can not only bridge their security visibility, compliance and management gaps across the siloed IT and OT worlds, but also set up consistent security policies that enable high performance capabilities to investigate, analyze and respond to IT/OT threats. Additionally, the session will cover how this converged platform approach can help organizations streamline their alignment with the Industry-recognized MITRE ATT&CK framework for both Enterprise and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).