Luke Fensome

Luke Fensome

EMEA Security and Systems Management Business Development Manager


company overview
Oracle offers suites of Integrated Applications plus secure, Autonomous Infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud. For more information about Oracle, please visit us at

Luke has worked in Security for over 20 years and at Oracle for 14 years focusing on a number of areas within the field of Cyber Security. Luke really enjoys customer interaction and builds instant trust and rapport with all levels within organisations, from board level through to architects and developers. Luke can articulate and demonstrating how security is used, both, to reduce risk as well as enable digital transformation with enthusiasm and passion. Recently, Luke has been involved in several large digital transformation programmes as the lead security architect of the solution.

Solution Focus:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Security
  • Security of the Cloud
  • Security in the Cloud

Specialist Skills:

  • Cyber Security
  • Complex Security Architectures
  • Hybrid Security
  • PaaS/IaaS Security


Speech Topic & Synopses
Continuous Data Security Risk Assessment With Data Safe

One of the greatest draws of cloud computing is the promise of greater security. Cloud service providers typically have greater expertise and budget to dedicate to securing their services than customers’ on-prem alternatives. Thereby making them more secure, despite the increased attack surface that comes with shifting to a multi- or hybrid-cloud approach. This is particularly appealing to the overworked IT teams that are battling against a rising tide of cyber security attacks and infrastructure sprawl.
However, contrary to the expectations of many, the burden of securing your cloud environments does not lie solely with your cloud providers. Responsibility for the user access, data, and configuration typically lie with the customer. The shared responsibilities model outlined in your terms of service not only reveal the customer’s obligation to share the load, but also reflect the modern cloud security strategy we should all be following. In this session we will review the Shared responsibility model and a new security product from Oracle, Data Safe, which is being adopted by many Databases users to help achieve a more secure environment both on premises and in the Cloud.