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Nour Fateen

Presales Manager - UKI & META

Recorded Future

company overview

Recorded Future is the world’s largest provider of intelligence for enterprise security. By combining persistent and pervasive automated data collection and analytics with human analysis, Recorded Future delivers intelligence that is timely, accurate, and actionable. In a world of ever-increasing chaos and uncertainty, Recorded Future empowers organisations with the visibility they need to identify and detect threats faster; take proactive action to disrupt adversaries; and protect their people, systems, and assets, so business can be conducted with confidence. Recorded Future is trusted by more than 1,000 businesses and government organisations around the world.


Nour Fateen is a cybersecurity specialist with over seven years of experience in the industry. Currently at Recorded Future, Nour has spent the last three years helping some of the largest businesses in the world improve their security posture using security intelligence. He has previously held positions in Cisco Systems and Goldman Sachs. Nour received a Master in Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnology from University College London.

Speech Topic & Synopses
2020 Malware Trends: Year Punctuated by Ransomware and Data Breaches
  • Analysing trends in malware use, distribution, and development throughout 2020 and the TTPs that had a major impact on technology
  • Covering how ransomware operators continue to have an opportunistic mindset when conducting campaigns, putting more emphasis on data theft extortion to increase their chances of profitability
  • Explaining how threat hunters and SOC teams can strengthen their security posture by prioritising hunting techniques and detection methods based on this research and data