Phillip Kidd

Phillip Kidd

Sr. Lead Cyber Engineer & Instructor


company overview

CybrScore provides cybersecurity solutions and services tailored to training and workforce development. Offerings include off-the-shelf and custom training, hands-on skills labs, and competency-based assessments mapped to cybersecurity job roles. These solutions meet the demanding needs of our customer base which includes large universities, government entities and enterprise-level corporations. CybrScore is the cybersecurity offering of Comtech Location Technologies, a U.S.-based corporation providing secure communication technologies worldwide.


Phillip got his start in cyber security after serving aboard submarines in the US Navy. In 2009, he was given an opportunity to switch job roles from radioman to cryptologic technician, and knowing only that computers can be cool, Phillip dove, not under the sea, but into the world of cyber operations.

Working at Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group based out of Suitland, MD with a TS//SCI clearance, Phillip learned the Assembly and C programming languages (among others), reverse engineering malware and operating system components, and much more. During his time at Suitland, Phillip developed applications in support of cyber operations around the world.

Phillip left the Navy, but continued his connection by teaching as a civilian at the Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC). For five years, he instructed nearly every topic, from basic and advanced networking concepts, to network attack and defense, forensics, and of course, programming in various languages.

Since 2015, Phillip has worn several different hats. He conducted penetration tests, provided training to organizations both domestically and internationally, and developed training labs and assessments. His primary work has focused on developing skills assessments that reflect complicated environments with realistic scenarios designed to measure an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities for various job roles.