Sudeep Chatterjee

Sudeep Chatterjee

Associate Vice President - Sales


company overview
MetricStream is the global market leader of Integrated Risk Management and GRC empowering organizations to accelerate growth with risk-aware decisions. The MetricStream Platform and solutions provide quantifiable risk insights powered by deep domain expertise, embedded content, collaboration, integrated data, analytics, and AI. We connect governance, risk management, and compliance across the extended enterprise with business objectives, enabling our customers to thrive on risk. For details please visit:

Sudeep is an aggressive sales strategist with a distinguished 17+ years of experience leading high-growth sales operations. Extensive expertise in client need analysis with a consultative approach to software and application sales. Able to forge solid relationships and build consensus across internal and external stakeholders to bring the right strategies to success. Strong cross functional team leader with successful track record of strong sales growth. Astute communicator and negotiator adept at establishing rewarding business relationships.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Being Cyber Resilient – Key Focus and Strategies for a Practical Cyber Resilience Program

Being resilient has become the prime focus for enterprises across the world to tackle the challenges that they face on multiple fronts – economic uncertainty, market fluctuations, data security, governance & compliance – and the list goes on. When it comes to cyber risks, organizations have focused towards preventing cyber crisis for decades and aligned their current security investments towards building new capabilities in the identification and protection of breaches without much focus on recovery and response in case of a breach i.e. on building cyber resilience. For organizations to be truly resilient the emphasis on GRC must be of highest priority, as it is critical to identify these risks and threats in order to provide enhanced digital experience to their customers. Talking points:

  • Current cyber risk challenges and evolving threat landscape
  • Prime focus areas to achieve cyber resilience and to put in a robust cyber risk program in place
    • Adopting quantified risk assessments
    • Automating controls monitoring for compliance requirements
    • Leveraging AI & ML for threat & vulnerability management
  • Key strategies that organizations can use to build a practical cyber resilience program