Abdulelah Aljammaz

Consulting Sales Engineer



Abdulelah Aljammaz is Mandiant consulting cybersecurity engineer in Saudi Arabia. He is an information security professional with more than 10 years of experience working in organizations in different sectors and cybersecurity services providers, Abdulelah is a subject matter expert in areas of security operations, technologies and services, as he helps organizations build and operate cybersecurity operations centers (SOCs) and enhance their overall cybersecurity resilience capabilities.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Continuously Validate and Measure the Effectiveness of your Cyber Security Controls.

As we see every day, breaches are an escalating problem despite the increased global investment and effort that have not slowed them down. Attacks like ransomware have been a bigger problem now than ever before. It’s interesting because every year, for many years now, more dollars have been spent, more controls and buzzwords have been deployed, and more effort has been thrown at it. However, we’re not seeing the outcome that organizations are more secure, we are not seeing security effectiveness being the outcome of that investment and effort.

(Security Investment + Security Effort Security Effectiveness)

This session will focus on discussing a reliable way of validating the cybersecurity capabilities in the organization, an effective way of validating the cybersecurity visibility, monitoring, detection, prevention, response capabilities. Also, how validation can help organization to:

  • Perform security framework assessment.
  • Do security technologies evaluation.
  • Rationalize spending.
  • Operationalize Threat Intelligence.
  • Measure Readiness against advanced threats and ransomwares.
company overview

Since 2004, Mandiant® has been a trusted partner to security-conscious organizations. Effective security is based on the right combination of expertise, intelligence, and adaptive technology, and the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform scales decades of frontline experience and industry-leading threat intelligence to deliver a range of dynamic cyber defense solutions. Mandiant’s approach helps organizations develop more effective and efficient cyber security programs and instills confidence in their readiness to defend against and respond to cyber threats.

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