Abubakar Yaaqub

Technical Solutions Architect



Abubakar Maaroof is Cisco’s IoT Technical Lead for MEA region, engaging with Industrial IoT customers to provide value in leveraging Cisco’s IIOT solution offerings.

His goals are providing the best recommendations to customers possible in how to approach securing their industrial environments in a feasible manner.

He has been working at Cisco for 15 years, prior to his current role, Abubakar was handling strategic Oil and Gas Customers for Cisco across the region, as well various industrial segments.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Internet Technology and in his spare time enjoys studying history and researching.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Gaining visibility to secure your industrial OT networks with Cyber Vision

As cyberattacks to industrial operations and critical infrastructures are on the rise, businesses are being tasked with building more robust and secure industrial networks. You certainly already have firewalls in place, but do you know what is behind each firewall? You need visibility into the OT domain to drive segmentation, reduce the attack surface and protect operations. You also need visibility on the OT security posture, so you can provide SecOps the details they need on vulnerabilities and risks. Attend this session and learn how Cisco Cyber Vision can help you achieve these outcomes while providing value to the operations team so you can build a collaborative workflow together.

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ATS is a universe that fuses together innovative technology, products and services – all combined in a harmonious synergy that aims to enhance any organization or business aiming for top-notch performance and efficiency in today’s modern age.

ATS protects and maintains assets, at the same time improving companies to make them reach success in the industry and business goals with developed high-end technical solutions. We work across multiple industry sectors and we curate telecom solutions, further enhance them, and apply modern updates that are best fit for the energy, defence and government sectors.

ATS provides the essential telecom and cyber security solutions that are vital for any company to stay ahead of the industry and the changing times. From system integration, engineering and design, installation and commission, all the way to maintenance and consultancy services – ATS continues to be one of the most trusted experts, backed up with over 18 years of experience and more than 400 projects delivered along the way.


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